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Atomic Quill Music is a division of Atomic Quill Media, a boutique cultural node for the production and appreciation of exceptional works in literature, music and graphic design. Atomic Quill Music specializes in high fidelity, stereo-only recordings of jazz, classical and electronic music. We are a proud participant in the vibrant cultural environment of Detroit, Michigan, USA and strive to produce musical and audio productions that reflect the ethos of the city - bracingly straightforward, diverse and a bit cheeky. We invite you, the world, to visit with us. Often.

MAY 2010
Atomic Quill Music quietly steams along. Plans are afoot for an inaugural classical music release to co-incide with the long-awaited rebirth of classical music radio in Detroit. In the meantime our current spate of artists (and my good friends) continue to surprise and excel.

That old rascal Francis Rimbert is on tour with Jean Michel Jarre, taking Europe by storm. Rimbert has been lending support to Jarre for over thirty years but few people know what a fantastic soloist he is in his own right.

Double Face (ISBN 0-9760535-5-1) is a suite of angular yet beguiling songs that rewards the active listener. This is not music just for the theatre of a lifestyle. These are serious compositions by a seasoned musician infused with Francis' signature good humor and soulful countenance. Double Face defies categories like electro-acoustic jazz, ambient electronica or downtempo. Here is music that must be heard and felt to be believed. Learn more about Francis Rimbert at his website and the new website of his very own label, CZEN PROD.

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Unlike the other Atomic Quill artists, Maxime Tanaka is very much an academic composer focused on sound as an environment. He has finished his ambient symphony Wabi-Sabi, a sonic exploration of the elemental Japanese philosophical stance of "attentive melancholy" and its manifestation in all aspects of material life. Excerpts coming soon. Visit Maxime at his website.

This record recently won an Editors' Choice award from Drunkenboat Literary Magazine.

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